Welcome to the 37th FAI World Gliding Championships

Narromine NSW Australia 2 to 16 December 2023

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Welcome From Our CD, Mike Durrant

Welcome to WGC Narromine 2023! On behalf of the Australian gliding community, it’s my pleasure to welcome all competitors, spectators, and organisers who will be participating in the 37th FAI World Gliding Championships in Narromine in November/December 2023. It’s not often that Australia has the opportunity to host the Worlds, so we’re very excited to be running the event this year, and I feel hugely privileged to have been appointed to the role of Competition Director. We expect around 80 pilots from around the world to travel to Narromine and compete in what we expect will be sensational weather conditions, so it should be an absolutely spectacular event! Of course, running an event of this nature is a huge team effort. We have a team of over 50 volunteers from across Australia (and the Czech Republic!) covering all aspects of the competition, from administration and events through to scrutineering, tasking, and flight operations.


There isn’t room here for me to name and thank everyone who has been and will be contributing their time and expertise to the competition, but it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge Deputy Competition Director Beryl Hartley. Beryl was absolutely key to bringing the event to Australia, and she is continuing to do an extraordinary amount of work on the ground to ensure we host a successful competition. We’re pulling out all stops to make this a great event – our catch cry for the competition is “Safe, Fair and Fun”. We hope that the Australian gliding community will support the event either by coming along to Narromine, or by following the competition on Soaring Spot or LiveGliding. Michael Durrant Competition Director

What Is The Competition All About?

The 37th FAI World Gliding Championships will be held in Narromine, New South Wales, 2 - 16 December 2023 when eighty competitors from 21 nations will compete in one of the greatest Aviation sporting events in the world. The competition will see 80 high performance gliders racing over central NSW for periods of 3 to 5 hours each day for 14 days, covering distances from 300km to over 500km. The winners of each race will accumulate points. The pilots with the highest point score at the end of the competition will be declared World Champions in three classes of racing. The 37th World Gliding Championships 2023, Narromine, for Standard, 15 M and Club classes is the most prestigious and competitive gliding competition in the world. This event is organised by Gliding Australia, the peak sporting body, under the auspices of the FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale) which is the worldwide body for sport aviation.


The sport of gliding is an exhilarating, spectacular and serene flying experience. Gliders take to the air like birds with wings outstretched, soaring on rising air currents, immersed in three dimensional space and flying silently with an eagle’s view of the world. Men and women of all ages can learn to fly gliders. In Australia you can fly solo from the age of 15 and some pilots continue gliding into their eighties. It is never too late to learn to glide and many pilots take up the sport in their 40s, 50s or even 70s. The modern glider is a sophisticated, highly aerodynamic aircraft without an engine, designed to travel at speeds approaching 300 kph and capable of heights in excess of 10,000 metres. WORLD GLIDING CHAMPIONSHIPS 37th FAI World Gliding Championships 2-16 December 2023 Narromine NSW Visitors welcome - Gliders - Simulators - Family friendly - Great day out

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Narromine was the venue for the 2015 Junior World Championship, which was very successful, flying on 10 out of a possible 11 contest days. It was the venue where Australian glider pilot Matthew Scutter became World Champion in Standard Class.

Narromine Gliding Club is proud to host the 2023 World Gliding Championships.


Dec 2023

37th FAI World Gliding Championships - Farewell Dinner

Narromine NSW Australia

8pm 15 December 2023


Dec 2023

37th FAI World Gliding Championships - Closing Ceremony commencing with a spectacular Aerobatic Display by Paul Bennet

Narromine NSW Australia

16 December 2023 from 11am


Dec 2023

Paul Bennet is performing a solo aerobatic display in his Wolf Pitts Pro at the closing ceremony of the 37th World Gliding Championships


16 December 2023 from 11am

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The Narromine Gliding Club rooms and the Narromine Aero Club both provide catering, toilet and shower facilities, air conditioning and wireless internet with a range that extends to the tie down area. The wireless internet is targeted to host large groups of pilots and visitors and is free to all visiting gliding personnel.


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Narromine Gliding Club provides glider hire, pilot training, and advanced cross country soaring. Contact us today to discuss the options available.

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